I Dream of Schoogle

A land of slip and slide and fractions

Where teachers tango and dance and students swing from the trapeze finding out

The angle at which the acrobat propels forward 

Where the obtuse decisions that involve creative learning center on fun


Like Einstein riding in circles on a bike on light

Like DaVinci writing a secret code in his journal


Where students grow to become Jobs  - both the man and

The entrepreneur


At Schoogle, the verb learning does not exist

Because there is no unlearning

No such thing as

stale thinking- Apathy


Bright, bubbly magnet letters construct brilliant prose on the metallic walls where students discuss the hard work of making a difference and eat

brain food -the kind from a farm, not the 



It's a place where Icarus uses duct-tape and MacGyver's the teacher (Tweet this!)

Because this is how the mind sometimes works 


When we can't think in rows and need to think in amorphous shapes 

Mind maps that look like paramecium dancing under the microscope with

teachers as leaders and students with ideas 


Here, we create 

and then dance 

and then do it again.