Eating Pie in the Sky

There's a level of disengagement in students today that's beyond alarming. It's frightening. Like Freddy Kruger frightening. I've seen that change, however, when students dream big.

When entre-students fly higher than Icarus could have dreamed while their classmates choose dampened wings. 

It's happening already with projects like The Future Project. Take a walk in their revolution and you'll see students engaged in entrepreneurial ventures - from selling jewelry to using skateboard branding to promote social change. 

As teachers, we have the unique ability to be the catalyst for students to dream big. We can't change the school design. Heck, we all know we get crabby from sitting in awfully uncomfortable chairs for eight hours. Yet, we can get students to believe, we can get them hungry for pie, and we can give them the tools. 

It's not setting them up for failure. It's not unrealistic. It's letting them know that reality is unrealistic and we too recognize this (Tweet this!).

Teachers don't get into this profession to teach students to repeat history. They join teaching as a vocation because they recognize that reality can be better.  We teach them to be Shakespeares and Newtons. We inspire them to innovate.