Episode 5: Jessica Wilt and @ArtsEdTechNYC

Photo Credit: Phil O' Brien from ClimbingFish.com 

Photo Credit: Phil O' Brien from ClimbingFish.com 

 This episode is brought to you by Christa McCauliffe Academy, a global online k-12 school that creates personalized education for the creative mind, bringing together remarkable students from around the globe. 

On this episode: 

I'll be talking with the most influential change-agent in amping up the arts in education, Jessica Wilt. Turning STEM into STEAM, she pushes the school system to realize the importance of the arts as a vehicle to enhance all other subject areas. 

As a professional dancer, Jessica has tap danced her way into education, serving as a teacher, college professor, and now an entrepreneur and writer. Currently, she runs ArtsEdTechNYC and blogs for the Huffington Post.

Follow Jessica at @ArtsedtechNYC and Jessicawilt.com. Her email address is  info@jessicawilt.com

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