Episode 3: U-Class - Assignments Gone Global

On this episode, I'll be taking a look into what it means to globalize education when I interview two edu-preneurs who took their roots in teaching and created a more global classroom. 

About a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to run a breakout session at the NYC Global Education Forum and got to mingle with some of the key catalysts behind building a more global education. 

On the interview today, I have the organizers behind that whole event and am so humbled that they have agreed to come on and discuss global education.

Zak Ringelstein and Leah Schrader founded UClass to build a more global education and help educators and students transcend learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Their company U-Class links students and teachers together through assignments that have gone global. 

Find out more about UClass by visiting their site here and reaching out to Zak@Uclass.org

What do you think? How do you envision a global education? You can share your story by leaving a comment below.