Episode 10: UX Designers - Hilary Fenton and Rachel Bolton

Meet Hilary and Rachel - two user-experience (UX) designers who are reshaping education as we know it. Their work and research dives deep into the learning structure to examine the question, "How can our students learn better and more efficiently?"

On the call, Hilary, Rachel, and I talk about how the digital world has created a unique experience where students can learn in an extremely engaging way that allows learning to be incredibly fun, dynamic, and personalized. 

We start off by defining what UX exactly is and then explore both low-tech and high-tech designs Hilary and Rachel have examined. 

Sir Ken Robinson,in arguably one of the most popular TED talks, speaks about the importance of creativity in a child's education. He argues actually that Schools Kill Creativity, which obviously rustled the feathers of school leaders around the world. 

He says that in order for our society to move forward and progress, creative thinking needs to be a central focus in transforming education. 

This is the focus of our discussion today and I am so honored that Hilary and Rachel shared their expertise with us.

You can find out more about Hilary and Rachel here:


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