Episode 11: Matt Niemitz - Adobe Education Exchange

What happens when a bunch of educators get together to share their most creative lessons? You get Adobe's Education Exchange program.

On this episode of The Transforming Education Podcast I have the head of the Adobe Education Exchange program, Matt Niemitz. We dive into a deep conversation about creativity and how educators from all around the world are sharing ideas to help spark students' creativity. 

It is such an incredible conversation and I think Sir Ken Robinson's ears must be ringing, because we tie in his work quite a bit. 

On the call, Matt shares the following information which you can travel to below by clicking on the hyperlink:

  • Sir Ken Robinson's book "Finding Your Element"
  • The Importance of Creativity
  • The Globally Connected Teacher
  • What Makes a Great Lesson for Creativity 

Reach out to Matt and his team on Twitter: @mattniemitz  @AdobeEdu

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