Episode 20: Using Design Thinking to Approach Global Education w/ Maggie Chumbley

What's Maggie reading? 

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All by Tom Kelley

Global Educator Maggie Chumbley joins us on the podcast today to share her thoughts on global education. After teaching abroad and then moving throughout the United States, Maggie has worked with a number of students and school settings. What I loved about talking to Maggie is that she got me to look at global education not just as the concept to connect students on a global level, but to also connect students to the globe they inhabit. Specifically, now that we live in the connected world, it's incredibly easy to see the global human footprint.

The world got a lot smaller when we fit the internet in our pockets.

Maggie's latest project, the Midway Education Collaborative, engages students in inquiry over global issues like pollution, energy, and, in her latest work, how the Pacific Gyre Garbage Patch has churned up so much trash that it's greatly debilitating the Albatross population. 

On the interview, Maggie shares:

  • How to use design thinking to teach global education 
  • Tips for teaching global impact to students
  • The various ways to define "global education"
  • How social activism can inspire students to create meaningful projects and inquiry  

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