Episode 21: Dr. Scott Mauk on School Violence

Today on the call, innovator school leader Scott Mauk joins me to discuss a topic that I hold close to my heart: school violence.

As teachers and school leaders, this is the last thing we want to think about, but something we cannot ignore. For those who don't know, I live about an hour outside Sandy Hook Elementary where a terrible school shooting took place. One year after that event, I had an amazing opportunity to engage my students in a global dialogue on school violence. Thanks to a partnership with Google and Global Nomads Group, my students had a discussion on gun violence with students from Virginia, Somalia, and Pakistan. It was an incredible experience and one I hope to repeat in the future. 

One day, Scott and I were talking about this and so we decided to go ahead and bring this topic on the show. For those who don't know, Scott is an incredible and innovative school leader in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. He'll go into detail about his work, so I will let him tell his story.

On the interview, Scott shares:

  • How school design influences school violence
  • Tips for being proactive with school violence
  • What brought him to focus on personalized education

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