Episode 14: Zak Malamed - Stuvoice.org

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I'm so excited to be back and share this week's podcast interview with you. I'm pumped to have Zak Malamed join in on the call today. Zak shares his story of how be founded the company Student Voice, the organization built to give voice to students to best transform education. 

The focus of this week's episode is thinking of ways we can invite students into the conversation and empower them to help be the change they want to see in education. To me, it's a lot like bringing in customer reviews and modifying the business plan if the customer is either not happy or not even buying the product

And when the customer happens to be students and the product learning, we can't afford to not have the customers buy the product. (click to tweet!)


Because of the shift in education technology, students now have the ability to get their voice heard. Zak, who is extremely savvy with Twitter, found out that Twitter's hashtags allow for students to connect and communicate simultaneously across the globe.

Quick note:

I'm 99% done with my e-book that serves as a toolkit for school leaders on how to use social media. It takes all that I've learned as both an educator, my M.S. Educational Leadership, and my marketing MBA study. If you have any questions you'd like me to answer in the book, just send them over to mark@markwguay.com.

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Find out more and reach out to Zak at,

Website: stuvoice.org

Twitter: @stu_voice

Email: Zak@stuvoice.org

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