Episode 13: Greg Rosenbaum - SXSWedu

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What happens when you combine Woodstock with TED? You get the SXSWedu conference in Austin, Texas.


On the call with me today, I have Greg Rosenbaum - the organizer behind SXSWedu - the yearly conference that takes place in Austin, TX. To me, this conference is like a combination of TED and Woodstock. It's jaw-dropping brilliance that gets the mind spinning meshed with some of the best music of our time - which, by the way, led him to winning the Forbes 30 under 30 award for a top mover and shaker in transforming education. 

Greg and I talk about:

  • The value of building a network of supporters.
    • Greg shows how building a network can inspire motivation and create opportunities to make transformative ideas happen. 
  • How to grow a conference into an award-winning annual event
    • Greg share his journey of how he helped grow SXSWedu into what it is today.

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One last thing: I'm just about finishing up on an Ebook that I have been working on for a while and would like to hear from you. The book is a social media toolkit for schools on how they can use social media to better connect with the community and be a social media role model for students. 

I want to know what questions you have about social media. I'll then take your questions and ask the social media and marketing experts when I travel from conference to conference. 

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Let's get into the episode