Episode 16: The Future of Education w/ Stanford d.school Fellow Melissa Pelochino

What's Melissa reading?:  The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business  by Charles Duhigg

Joining me on the call today to discuss the future of education is Melissa Pelochino - an incredibly gifted educator who currently resides as a fellow the d.school at Stanford University. 

I've been getting some requests from listeners to bring on guests that can speak specifically about prototypes and ideas for the future of education, which is why I feel so lucky to share Melissa's message with you.

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My favorite golden nugget is what Melissa shared on the power of habit. Just small sips each day dip us into a whole new habit and this is how effective long-term change can happen. 

On the interview Melissa shares:

  • Her thoughts on the future of education
  • A better way to bring in professional development
  • What's going on at the d.school at Stanford University
  • The power of habit

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